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When I'm chasing blue marlin off the West Coast of Australia there are no other lures in the spread, only JB Lures, Dingoes, Choppers and Rippers!

Captain Dan O'sullivan,
West Coast Billfish Charters,
Exmouth, Western Australia.

After purchasing a spread of JB Lures in July 2010, I'm converted, they're great lures, I love them but more importantly the fish love them, especially the Dingoes and Rippers !! I wish I discovered them fifteen years ago, I would have saved a fortune in fuel and won a heap more tournaments!!

Captain Allan Legge,
‘High Cotton’
Galveston, Texas USA.

In the last two years the JB Micro Dingo has accounted for more Jumbo Bluefin in southern Tassie than any other lure by far, including my PB last season of 144kg. Its my “go to” lure every day.

Captain Stuart Nichols,
‘Big Pig’
Eaglehawk Neck, Tasmania, Australia.

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Home of the Professional JB Lures Australia and The Marlin's Choice since 1993. JB Lures are designed to catch Marlin, but also very effective on most Bluewater Game Fish, JB Lures are hard resin headed trolling lures. All shapes are original designs from Dave Harrison and Dave Venn.

Each lure is individually weighted, poured, lathe spun, balanced, polished and skirted by hand. Only the finest skirts are used, Yamashita, Yozuri and Ocean Lure concepts.

Ranging in size from 6.5" (165mm) to 22" (560mm) and designed to handle the rough and sometimes wild conditions off the NSW South Coast. These lures are designed to catch Marlin, not Fishermen, in any ocean they swim.

We have a wide rang of JB Lures in stock. Please look through our Product page, click on Products, and then click on Lures. For sales enquires and other enquires please E-mail us or Phone our shop.

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For sales enquires and other enquires about our No.1 product please E-mail us or Phone our shop.


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